Walking with my Angel

A mother journey through Childhood Cancer

Esther’s Smiles

The worst fear for a bereaved parent is that our precious children are forgotten. We want them to be remembered: we love it when you talk about them, when you go to visit them at the cemetery, when their little friends do something in their memory.. even just saying their name.

16 months ago Esther earned her Angel wings… 16 months is a long time, so I felt it was time to release Esther’s story, to tell the world how brave my precious special girl was during her short life.

Walk 4 Esther


September is the month when children go back to school after the summer holidays. Children will meet at the school gate, full of excitement for the year ahead, a new year to learn and grow, making precious memories.

Devastatingly, this is not the case for so many. 1 in 285 children and young people is diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday and almost 20% of these children will succumb to their disease.

Less than 1.3% of research funding is spent on childhood cancer. Since 1980, fewer than 10 drugs have been developed for use in children with cancer and only 3 new drugs have been approved.

Not everybody knows that September is also the childhood cancer awareness month.

Life before the storm

In this post I will give you a little insight into our life before the storm struck.

Esther Rosa was born at Worcester Royal Hospital on the 29th of February 2012… leap baby!

She was a happy, healthy baby with a lovely temperament and I was completely in love with her. Milestone after milestone she grew into a confident outgoing toddler… I was so proud of her!

Esther started going to a local childminder, Sharon, when she was just one year old. She spent quite a lot of time there as both my husband and myself worked full time. Esther enjoyed staying at Sharon’s and was very found of her, although she also loved being at home with Mummy and Daddy.

First blog post

This is my very first post.

In this blog I will tell you about my dreadful journey: loosing my beautiful little girl to childhood cancer.

I will talk about diagnosis, treatment, palliative care, loss and grief, but also about love, laughter, hope and faith…. in memory of a very special little girl, Esther, my Angel, One of a Kind.

I will tell you my experience, what helped and what did not, hoping to reach someone who can relate and who can use some of the information in this blog.

I have decided not to publish any photo of Esther, as I don’t think that the internet is a safe enough place to share images of my beautiful girl. I am aware this will put some people off but please, think about this space as a digital book where I will share my journey as the mother of a gorgeous girl who earned her Angel wing too soon.

Watch this space and thank you for reading!



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